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133. Supply of certified copies and certificates under sections 72 and 147.— 

(1) Certified copies of any entry in the register, or certificates of, or extracts from patents, specifications and other public documents in the patent office, or from registers and other records including records in computer floppies, diskettes or any other electronic form kept there, may be furnished by the Controller on a request therefor made to him and on payment of the fee specified therefor in the First Schedule.

(Incorporated by 2016 amendment) Provided that certified copies shall be issued in the order in which the request is filed. (end of insertion by 2016 amendment)

(2) (Incorporated by 2016 amendment) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), certified copies shall be furnished within a period of one week if such request is made along with the fee specified therefore in the First Schedule. (end of insertion by 2016 amendment)