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Trademark Services

InvnTree provides end to end trademark services to a global clientele. InvnTree has a team specialized in trademark search, advice, trademark application filing, prosecution, opposition, monitoring and trademark portfolio management. The team advices on trademark filing strategies that are adapted to meet our clients’ requirements. The team takes a wholesome approach in designing filing strategies by considering our clients’ business requirements, trademark law prevailing in India, and conventions and treaties India is part of.

Some of the services which we provide under trademark services, include, but are not limited to:

  • Trademark search – This is carried out before filing of the trademark. At this stage, by carrying out trademark search, we advice our clients on possibility of the registration of the trademark in light of satisfying the requirements under Indian Trademark law.
  • Trademark filing – We advice our clients on the relevant classes and description of goods and services, before filing of the trademark
  • Trademark prosecution – We effectively prosecute trademark applications by responding to objections to the trademark by filing responses and attending hearing at the trademark registry. In addition to prosecuting trademark applications filed in India, we also help our clients in prosecuting trademark applications filed under Madrid protocol, wherein a provisional refusal has been issued by the Indian Trademark registry
  • Trademark opposition – We help our clients in both defending and opposing trademark applications
  • Trademark monitoring – We help our clients in monitoring similar trademarks, to ensure that, trademarks similar to theirs are not registered

We have made significant investments to ensure our clients’ trademark portfolios are well maintained using a custom docketing software, which is specifically designed as per the Indian Trademarks Act and Rules. Our clients are always well informed about upcoming events corresponding to their portfolio via customized auto-reminders, while the application is pending and also after registration. We send out auto-reminders periodically to enable our clients comfortably plan annuity fee payments.