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134. Request for information under section 153.—

(1) A request for information in respect of the following matters relating to any patent or application for patent shall be admissible, namely:—

(a) as to when a complete specification following a provisional specification has been filed or an application for patent has been deemed to have been abandoned;

(aa) as to when the information under section 8 has been filed.

(b) as to when publication of application has been made under section 11A;

(c) as to when an application has been withdrawn under section 11B;

(d) as to when a request for examination has been made under section 11B;

(e) as to when the examination report has been issued under section 12;

(f) as to when an application for patent has been refused;

(g) as to when a patent has been granted;

(h) as to when a renewal fee has been paid;

(i) as to when the term of a patent has expired or shall expire;

(j) as to when an entry has been made in the register or application has been made for the making of such entry; or

(k) as to when any application is made or action taken involving an entry in the register, publication in the Official Journal or otherwise, if the nature of the application or action is specified in the request.

(2) Separate request shall be made in respect of each item of information required.

(3) The fee payable on a request to be made under section 153 shall be as set out in the First Schedule.