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InvnTree is a thought leader in the Indian patent services landscape. Ever since its inception, our Company has strived to improve the patent consulting space in India by using avant-garde strategies.

InvnTree has truly democratised knowledge about Indian patent laws and practices by publishing insightful content dealing with the nuances of patent practice in India. The content is not just referred to by patent practitioners and esteemed companies in India, but is also perused worldwide. Our monthly newsletter, EmbraceIP, includes extensive information related to Indian IP matters and reaches over 30,000 readers worldwide, which is a testimony to our team’s expertise and commitment to setting benchmarks in the patent consulting space. 

In late 2016, InvnTree launched OptiResponse, a revolutionary proprietary tool that exponentially increases the chances of having patents granted in India. OptiResponse is developed and used by Team InvnTree for the benefit of our clients. InvnTree’s investment in technology, by way of OptiResponse, has yielded rich dividends in a short span of time, catapulting InvnTree to a league of its own. 

InvnTree enjoys a significant market share having catered to 561 clients across 34 countries by the end of 2016, and continues to grow year after year. Our Company has shown sustained growth by nurturing and retaining what we consider our most valuable asset, our human resource, and encouraging them to be at the forefront of Indian patent consulting.


Thank you for being our IP partner since the inception of Snapbizz in 2013! I am happy that our relationship has only grown stronger since then. The tactful development of patent and trademark portfolio has gone a long way in securing our business interests. I wish to continue our relationship in the years to come.

Giridhar K Product Head - SnapBizz