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Patent application filing and maintenance

InvnTree has a team specialized in patent application filing and patent portfolio management. The team advices on patent filing strategies that are adapted to meet our clients’ requirements. The team takes a wholesome approach in designing filing strategies by considering our clients’ business requirements, patent law prevailing in India, and conventions and treaties India is part of. In addition to patent application filing in India, our team files PCT applications for clients of Indian origin. We have also established strong business relationships with carefully selected IP firms outside India to enable our clients file foreign patent applications.

You may refer articles at the links listed below for insight on patent application filing in India.

We have made significant investments to ensure our clients’ patent portfolios are well maintained using a custom docketing software, which is specifically designed as per the Indian Patent Act and Rules. Our clients are always well informed about upcoming events corresponding to their portfolio via customized auto-reminders, while the application is pending and also post grant. We send out auto-reminders periodically to enable our clients comfortably plan annuity fee payments and submission of statement of working of patents.