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Rule 95

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95. Procedure on application to vary entry or cancel registration.-

(I) The Registrar shall notify in writing applications under section 50 to the registered proprietor and each registered user (not being the applicant in either case) of the trademark.

(2) Any person notified under sub-rule (l) who intends to intervene in the proceedings, shall within one month of the receipt of such notification give notice to the Registrar in Form TM-U to the effect and shall send therewith a statement of the grounds of his intervention. The Registrar shall thereupon serve or cause to be served copies of such notice and statement on the other parties, namely, the applicant, the registered proprietor, the registered user whose registration is the subject matter of the proceeding in question and any other registered user who intervenes.

(3) In the case of any application made under section 50, the applicant and any person notified under sub-rule (l), may, within such time or times as the Registrar may appoint, leave evidence in support of his case, and the Registrar after giving the parties an opportunity of being heard, may accept or refuse the application or accept it subject to any conditions, amendments, modifications or limitations he may think right to impose and shall inform the parties in writing accordingly.

(4) In the case of an application for varying any registration under paragraph (a) of sub- section (I) of section 50 or canceling any registration on any of the grounds mentioned in items (i) to (iv) of sub-clause (c) of sub-section (I) of section 50, the Registrar shall consider the application together with any notice in Form TM-U and statement of case filed and shall dispose of the application and also inform the parties in writing accordingly.