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Rule 27

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27. Series Trademarks.-

(1) Where an application is made for the registration of trademarks as a series under sub-section (3) of section 15, copies of representation of each trademark of the series shall accompany the application in the manner set forth in rule 26. The Registrar, if satisfied that the trademarks constitute a series, shall proceed further with the applications.

(2) At any time before the publication of the application in the Journal, the applicant applying under sub-rule (1) may request in Form TM-M, for the division of the application into separate application or applications, as the case may be, in respect of one or more trademarks in that series and the Registrar shall, if he is satisfied that the division requested conforms with sub- section (3) of section 15, divide the application or applications accordingly on payment of divisional fees.