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IP Licensing and Management Companies

IP licensing and management companies typically require exhaustive patent due diligence to be carried out and patent intelligence reports to be generated to help them take key decisions. Such tasks are generally time consuming and labour intensive. Further, due to the stakes involved in decisions to be taken based on such reports, there is a need to carry out comprehensive and exhaustive patent due diligence by subject matter experts. We address this need by carrying out patent research using subscribed databases that enable us to carryout patent researches in more than 100 jurisdictions.

Furthermore, due to the time consuming nature of such projects, coupled with the requirement of having such projects to be carried out by subject matter experts, expenses incurred by companies to get such projects executed increases. Our clients address this issue by outsourcing such patent research work to us. We help our clients realize cost benefits by carrying out such patent research projects from our low cost delivery centre in Bangalore, India.

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