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Patent specification drafting

Complete patent specification drafting

Patent specification has to be drafted to perfection, as it is the most critical document that protects your interests in the invention. A good patent specification can be drafted only if one has the capability to thoroughly understand the technical aspects of the invention and a good understanding of the legal aspects of patenting. Our experience and qualification in both technology and patent law gives us the necessary skills to provide value added patent specifications drafting services.We have registered patent agents within InvnTree, who have immense experience in drafting patent specifications. Patent specifications prepared by us comply with the norms specified by most patent offices, which accept patent specifications in English. In addition, we receive outsourced patent projects from across the globe, wherein, if desired, we also draft specific sections of the patent specification.Furthermore, we have expertise in preparing patent drawings using various drawing tools. We undertake projects that involve sketching complex patent drawings. Clients who outsource patent drawings preparation projects to us find our pricing affordable. Sample patent illustrations prepared by InvnTree can be accessed here 

Provisional patent specification drafting

In addition to drafting complete patent specifications, InvnTree also offers the service of drafting provisional patent specifications. Provisional patent specifications drafting services are usually availed by clients when sufficient details are not available to draft a complete patent specification. Upon drafting and filing a provisional application, a complete patent application has to be drafted and filed within 12 months of filing the provisional application. The provisional patent specifications drafted at InvnTree are drafted with the same vigor as drafting a non-provisional patent specification.