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InvnTree is a people and process driven company that offers a wide array of patent services. We leverage our technology and patent expertise to provide superior quality patent services.

InvnTree caters to a global clientele that includes law firms, in-house IP counsel, IP licensing and management companies, investors, startups, individual inventors, technology companies and academic institutes.

InvnTree has its delivery center in Bangalore, India. Our location gives us the leverage to tap into the best talent available in India. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals work in accordance with lean processes to deliver high quality patent services at competitive prices.

InvnTree is one of the most preferred patent services companies in India. As one of the leading patent services companies in India, we take pride in offering services of highest quality standards. Our team includes registered patent agents who have rich experience of patent filing in India. Our team, which includes registered patent agents, understands the nuances of patent filing in India. This understanding of the Indian patent system enables us to provide a hassle free experience to our clients seeking patent filing in India. Further, our partner patent attorneys, who are spread across the world, enable us to file patent applications in countries outside India.

Further, our rich experience in carrying out outsourced patent projects has made us one of the most favoured patent outsourcing companies in India. Intellectual Property outsourcing has been on a rise over the past decade. We have been able to successfully cater to the rising demand by having stringent project delivery mechanisms. These mechanisms help us deliver projects within a short turnaround time, while exceeding clients’ quality expectations.



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