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Prior art search and analysis

Patentability search and analysis

Patentability search and analysis is extremely useful in helping our clients take decisions with respect to filing a patent application for their invention. The study helps in ascertaining the probability of a patent grant to an invention. Further, it helps in understanding the scope of protection that might be derived if a patent is granted to the invention. Furthermore, it helps in drafting patent specification that may get granted with lesser hassle. This patent searching service involves identifying features of the invention that may have the potential of a patent grant. Subsequently, various patent search strategies are formulated and an exhaustive prior art search is conducted in subscribed databases (covering patent data from more than 100 countries) to identify patent documents that are relevant to the invention. We provide detailed analysis for each of the identified relevant documents. Additionally we provide a detailed patentability analysis and opinion by considering various aspects relating to patentability of an invention. We are one of the leading patent search companies. Our vast experience in conducting patentability searches for inventions relating to a wide array of technology domains and good understanding of the patent law, enable us to provide valuable advice to our clients.

Freedom to operate search and analysis

Freedom to operate study is a proactive step towards mitigating patent risks, and is considered by numerous technology companies as an essential study that has to be conducted prior to introducing a product to the market. We help companies mitigate patent risk, such as, patent infringement suits, by conducting detailed patent search to identify relevant patents that are present in the jurisdiction of interest. Our deep understanding of how patent documents are interpreted during infringement suits, enables us to analyze patents with the right perspective to provide insightful opinion on freedom to operate for products/processes. If desired, we even carry out patent claim construction projects that help in gaining better understanding about the scope of patents that are relevant to a product/process’ freedom to operate.

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Patent validation/invalidation search

We help our clients in invalidating patents. We conduct detailed patent search in subscribed databases, which provide exhaustive patent data, to identify prior art that is relevant to the patent that has to be invalidated. We provide insight on the probability of invalidating the patent. Additionally, we provide insight on how the documents can be used to invalidate the patent.

Infringement analysis

Infringement analysis is a skill intensive study conducted to determine if a product/process infringes a patent. Infringement analysis helps patent holders determine if a product/process violates their patent rights. On the other hand, infringement analysis helps companies associated with a product/process determine if their product/process violates rights of a patent. Infringement analysis is a vital step in product/process design/redesign. We understand the criticality of infringement search and analysis for companies, and address the same by adopting a detailed approach in providing infringement opinion. Our approach includes charting claims of a patent and determining scope of claims of patents using proven methodologies. Further, we use various doctrines established by courts to determine scope of claims and provide reliable opinion relating to patent infringement.