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108. Reliefs in suit for infringement.—

[(1)] Section 108 renumbered as sub-section (1) thereof by Act 38 of 2002, s. 45 (w.e.f. 20-5-2003). The reliefs which a court may grant in any suit for infringement include an injunction (subject to such terms, if any, as the court thinks fit) and, at the option of the plaintiff, either damages or an account of profits.

[(2) The court may also order that the goods which are found to be infringing and materials and implements, the predominant use of which is in the creation of infringing goods shall be seized, forfeited or destroyed, as the court deems fit under the circumstances of the case without payment of any compensation] Ins. by s. 45, ibid. (w.e.f. 20-5-2003).