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80. Renewal fees under section 53.—

(1) To keep a patent in force, the renewal fees specified in the First Schedule shall be payable at the expiration of the second year from the date of the patent or of any succeeding year and the same shall be remitted to the patent office before the expiration or the second or the succeeding year.

(1A) The period for payment of renewal fees so specified in sub-rule (1) may be extended to such period not being more than six months if the request for such extension of time is made in Form 4 with the fee specified in the First Schedule.

(2) While paying the renewal fee, the number and date of the patent concerned and the year in respect of which the fee is paid shall be quoted.

(3) The annual renewal fees payable in respect of two or more years may be paid in advance.

(4) The Controller shall, after making such enquiry as he may deem necessary, credit any renewal fee and issue a certificate that the fee has been paid.