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Rule 83

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83. Registrar's certificate or approval as to certain assignment and transmissions.-

Any person who desires to obtain the Registrar's certificate under sub-section 2 of section 40 or his notification of approval under section 41 shall send to the Registrar with his application in Form TM-P, a statement of case in duplicate setting out the circumstances and a copy of any instrument or proposed instrument effecting the assignment or transmission. The Registrar may call for any evidence or further information that he may consider necessary and the statement of case shall be amended if required to include all the relevant circumstances and shall, if required, be verified by an affidavit. The Registrar, after hearing (if so required) the applicant and any other person whom the Registrar may consider to be interested in the transfer, shall consider the matter and issue a certificate thereon or a notification in writing of approval or disapproval thereof, as the case may be, to the applicant and shall also inform such other person accordingly. Where a statement of case is amended, three copies thereof in its final form shall be left at the Trade Marks Registry. The Registrar shall seal a copy of the statement of case in its final form to the certificate or notification.