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Rule 80

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80. Application for Registrar's direction as to advertisement of an assignment of a trademark without goodwill of the business. –

(1) An application for directions under section 42 shall be made in Form TM-P and shall state the date on which the assignment was made. The application shall give particulars of the registration in the case of a registered trademark, and in the case of an unregistered trademark shall show the trademark and give particulars including user of the unregistered trademark that has been assigned therewith. The Registrar may call for any evidence or further information and if he is satisfied with regard to the various matters he shall issue directions in writing with respect to the advertisement of the assignment.

(2) The Registrar may refuse to consider such an application in a case to which section 41 applies, unless his approval has been obtained under the said section and a reference identifying the Registrar's notification of approval is included in the application.

(3) A request for an extension of the period within which the application mentioned in sub-rule (I) shall be made shall be in Form TM-P