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Rule 66

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66. Verification and Certification of international application in respect of which India is the country of origin.-

(I) Where an international application is filed under section 36D for transmission to the International Bureau, the Registrar shall certify the contents of the application in Form MM2(E) as provided by International Bureau subject to the payment of fees as specified in Entry Number 23 of the First Schedule.

(2) Where the international application complies with the requirements, the Registrar shall so certify in the international application indicating also the date on which the said international application was received; and shall forward the same to the International Bureau within two months from the date of receipt of the said application.

(3) Where the international application does not meet the requirements, the Registrar shall not forward it to the International Bureau, and shall require the applicant by notice to comply with the requirement as specified therein, and shall forward the International Application only after such compliance within the period specified in the notice.