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Rule 50

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50. Hearing and decision.-

(1) The Registrar, after the closure of the evidence, shall give notice to the parties of the first date of hearing. The date of hearing shall be for a date at least one month after the date of the first notice.

(2) A party to a proceeding may make a request for adjournment of the hearing with reasonable cause in Form TM-M accompanied by the prescribed fee, at least three days before the date of hearing and the Registrar, if he thinks fit to do so, and upon such terms as he may direct, may adjourn the hearing and intimate the parties accordingly:

Provided that no party shall be given more than two adjournments and each adjournment shall not be for more than thirty days.

(3) If the applicant is not present at the adjourned date of hearing and at the time mentioned in the notice, the application may be treated as abandoned.

(4) If the opponent is not present at the adjourned date of hearing and at time mentioned in the notice, the opposition may be dismissed for want of prosecution and the application may proceed to registration subject to section 19.

(5) The Registrar shall consider written arguments if submitted by a party to the proceeding.

(6) The decision of the Registrar shall be communicated to the parties in writing at the address given for service.