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Rule 40

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40. Notification of correction or amendment of application.-

In the case of an application  to which clause (b) of sub-section (2) of section 20 applies, the Registrar may, if he so decides, instead of causing the application to be advertised again, insert in the Journal a notification setting out the number of the application, the class or classes in which it was made, the name and address of the principal place of business in India, if any, of the applicant or where the applicant has no principal place of business in India, his address for service in India, the Journal number in which it was advertised and the correction or amendment made in the application:

Provided that in case of any error in the advertisement in respect of the trademark or specification of goods or services except for any trivial spelling mistake or class or statement of use of the trademark or in any other case as the Registrar thinks fit, the Registrar may advertise the trademark again canceling the earlier advertisement.