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Rule 38

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38. Withdrawal of acceptance by the Registrar.-

(1) If, after the acceptance of an application but before the registration of the trademark, the Registrar has any objection to the acceptance of the application on the ground that it was accepted in error, or that the trademark ought not to have been accepted in the circumstances of the case, or proposes that the trademark should be registered only subject to conditions, limitations, divisions or to conditions additional to or different from the conditions, or limitations, subject to which the application has been accepted, the Registrar shall communicate such objection in writing to the applicant.

(2) Unless within thirty days from the date of receipt of the communication mentioned in sub-rule ( 1 ), the applicant amends his application to comply with the requirements of the Registrar or applies for a hearing, the acceptance of the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn by the Registrar, and the application shall proceed as if it had not been accepted.

(3) Where the applicant intimates the Registrar within the period mentioned in sub-rule (2) that he desires to be heard, the Registrar shall give notice to the applicant of a date when he will hear him. Such appointment shall be for a date at least fifteen days after the date of the notice, unless the applicant consents to a shorter notice. The applicant may state that he does not desire to be heard and submit such submissions, as he may consider desirable.

(4) The Registrar may, after hearing the applicant, on considering the submissions, if any, of the applicant, pass such orders as he may deem fit.