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Rule 36

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36. Decision of Registrar.-

(I) The decision of the Registrar under rules 33, 34 or 41 shall be communicated to the applicant in writing at his address of service and if the applicant intends to appeal from such decision he may within thirty days from the date of such communication apply in Form TM-M to the Registrar requiring him to state in writing the grounds of, and the materials used by him in arriving at, his decision.

(2) In a case where the Registrar makes any requirements to which the applicant does not object the applicant shall comply the said requirement before the Registrar issues a statement in writing under sub-rule ( 1 ).

(3) The date when the statement in writing under sub-rule (l) is received by the applicant, shall be deemed to be the date of the Registrar's decision for the purpose of appeal.