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Rule 24

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24. Application under convention arrangement. –

(1) Where a right to priority is claimed by reason of an application for registration of a trademark duly filed in a convention country under section 154, a certificate by the Registrar or competent authority of that Trade Marks Office shall be submitted with the application for registration of trademark and it shall include the particulars of the trademark, the country or countries and the date or dates of filing of application and such other relevant particulars as may be required by the Registrar.

(2) Unless such certificate has been filed at the time of the filing of the application for registration, there shall be filed, within two months of the filing of such application certifying or verifying to the satisfaction of the Registrar, the date of the filing of the application, the country or countries, the representation of the trademark, and the goods or services covered by the application.

(3) The application shall include a statement indicating the filing date of the filing in the convention application, the name of the convention country where it was filed, the serial number, if any and a statement indicating that priority is claimed:

Provided that where the applicant files more priority claims than one under section 154 in respect of the same trademark, the Registrar shall take the date of the earlier application in a convention country, as the priority date:

Provided further that such priority date shall not be allowed for the goods and services not covered in the convention application:

Provided also that only a single priority shall be claimed in respect of all the goods or services mentioned in the application for registration of a trademark filed under rule 23(1 ).