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Rule 17

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  17. Address for service.

( l) Every applicant or opponent or any person concerned in any proceeding under the Act or rules shall furnish to the Registrar an address for service in India comprising of a postal address in India and a valid e-mail address and such address shall be treated as the address for service of such applicant or opponent or person:

Provided that a trademark agent shall also be required to furnish a mobile number registered in India.

(2) Any written communication addressed to a person as aforesaid at an address for service in India given by him shall be deemed to be properly addressed.

(3) Unless an address for service in India as required in sub-rule (I) is given, the Registrar shall be under no obligation to send any notice that may be required by the Act or the rules and no subsequent order or decision in the proceedings shall be called in question on the ground of any lack or non-service of notice.