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Rule 131

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131. Application for registration and proceedings relating thereto.-

(1) An application for the registration of a collective trademark for goods or services under sub-section (I) of section 63 shall be made to the Registrar in Form. TM-A along with the draft regulations.

(2) References in Part I of the rules to the acceptance of an application for the registration of a trademark for goods or services, shall, in their application to collective trademark, be substituted by references to authorization to proceed with the application.

(3) The address in India, if any, of an applicant to register a collective trademark shall be deemed to be the address of his principal place of business in India for all the purposes for which such an address is required by the rules.

(4) The regulations governing collective trademarks shall specify, inter alia-

(a) the name of the association of persons and their respective office addresses;

(b) the object of the association;

(c) the details of members;

(d) the conditions for membership and relation of each member with the group;

(e) the persons authorized to use the trademark and the nature of control the applicant exercise over the use of the collective trademark;

(f) the conditions governing use of the collective trademark, including sanctions;

(g) the procedure for dealing with appeals against the use of the collective trademark;

(h) such other relevant particulars as may be called for by the Registrar.