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Rule 12

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12. Size, etc of documents.-

(I) Subject to any other directions that may be given by the Registrar, all applications, notices, statements, or other documents except trademarks, authorized or required by the Act or the rules made thereunder, served, left or sent, at or to the Trade Marks Registry or with or to the Registrar shall be typewritten and printed in Hindi or in English in legible characters with deep permanent ink upon strong paper of A-4 or legal size on one side only, and shall have on the left hand side thereof a margin of not less than four centimeters.

(2) Duplicate documents including copies of trademark shall be filed at the Trade Marks Registry if at any time required by the Registrar.

(3) The Registrar may after informing the public in the Journal alter the size, of all such applications, notices, statements or other document and forms required under the rules to make it compatible in electronic mode.

(4) The Registrar may, after informing the public in the Journal, permit the filing of applications, statements, notices or other documents by electronic mode subject to such guidelines and instructions as he may specify in the Journal.