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Rule 115

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115. Hearings.-

(1) the hearing if any, in relation to any proceeding under the Act and rules may be held at the notified date and time and at such place within the territorial jurisdiction of the appropriate office as the Registrar may think fit:

Provide that the hearing may also be held through video- conferencing or through any other audio-visual communication devices and in such cases the hearing shall be deemed to have taken place at the appropriate office.

Explanation- For the purposes of this rule, the expression "communication device" has the same meaning as assigned to it in clause (ha) of sub section (ii) of section 2 of the Information Technology Act,2000 (21 of2000).

(2) Where an officer exercising the powers of the Registrar who has heard any matter under the Act or the rules, has reserved orders therein, is transferred from one office of the Registry to another or reverts to another appointment before passing an order or rendering decision therein, he may, if the Registrar so directs, pass the order or render the decision as if he had continued to be the officer in the office of the Trade Marks Registry where the matter was heard.