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Rule 11

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11. Forms.-

(1) The Forms set forth in the Second and the Third Schedules shall be used in all cases to which they are applicable and may be modified as directed by the Registrar to meet other cases.

(2) Any Form, when filed at the Trade Marks Registry, shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

(3) A requirement under this rule to use a Form as set forth in the Schedule shall be satisfied by the use of a replica of that Form containing all the information required by the Form as set forth and complies with any direction as to the use of such a Form.

(4) The Registrar may after informing the public in the Journal or through public notice on official website specify such Forms as are required to be submitted in electronic mode. Thereafter, such Forms shall be completed in such manner as may be laid down by the Registrar so as to permit an automated input of the content into a computer by character recognition or scanning.