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Rule 108

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108. Divisional Application. –

(1) Where an application is made in Form TM-M under proviso to section 22 for the division of a single pending application, the registrar may, on payment of a divisional fee, divide such application into two or more separate applications.

(2) In case of division of application, The Registrar shall treat each divisional application as a separate application for registration with the same filing date as the initial application.

(3) Any time limit for any action by the applicant in relation to the initial application at the time of division shall be applicable to each new separate application created by division irrespective of the date of the division.

(4) In case of division of application, the Registrar shall assign an additional separate new serial number or numbers, as the case may be, and it shall be cross-referenced with the initial application.

(5) For the removal of doubt, it is clarified that no new registration shall be effected when a single application is divided. On the contrary, application already filed shall be merely separated or divided into individual files.