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Rule 100

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100. Rectification of the register by the Registrar of his own motion.-

(1) The Notice, which the Registrar is required to issue under sub-section (4) of section 57, shall be sent in writing to the registered proprietor, to each registered user, if any, and to any other person who appears from the register to have any interest in the trademark, and shall state the grounds on which the Registrar proposes to rectify the register and shall also specify the time, not being less than one month from the date of such notice, within which an application for a hearing shall be made:

Provided that no notice shall be required to be sent to the registered proprietor, in case the registered proprietor has requested or agreed in writing for cancellation of the registration; and thereupon register shall be rectified accordingly.

(2) Unless within the time specified in the notice aforesaid, any person so notified sends to the Registrar a statement in writing setting out fully the facts upon which he relies to meet the grounds stated in the notice or applies for a hearing, he may be treated as not desiring to take part in the proceedings and the Registrar may act accordingly.

(3) If the Registrar decides to rectify the register he shall communicate his decision in writing to the registered proprietor and to each registered user, if any.