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Law firms appreciate various advantages gained by outsourcing part of their work to legal outsourcing companies. InvnTree is one of the leading legal process outsourcing companies, which cater to a niche market of patent process outsourcing. Typically, patent attorneys initially engage us through patent search outsourcing, and subsequently, as the relationship grows, attorneys outsource allied patent services. One of the most prominent advantages is the cost saving realized by legal process outsourcing, without compromising on the quality of work. By using our team, law firms and patent attorneys reduce their cost structures through labour arbitrage. Patent Attorneys use our team in India to get help as and when need arises, rather than keeping staff on site during slowdown. Further, our engagement model enables patent attorneys to scale up rapidly using our dedicated workforce.

We provide access to our patent team that has expertise in several technical domains, thereby adding to the capabilities of the IP law firms. Further, we have stringent quality check processes that ensure high quality work is delivered to our clients. Hence, a final review by the patent attorney results in assignments being done more accurately and swiftly.

We take up projects that require tedious work that can be labour intensive. By outsourcing patent services, which are time consuming and laborious, to our company in Bangalore, India, patent attorneys concentrate on niche areas that interests them and are also comparatively more profitable.

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