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In-house IP Counsel

In-house IP counsels outsource a variety of patent projects to us. Typically, IP counsels engage us for patent specification drafting, patentability searches, technology monitoring, competitor monitoring, patent landscaping and patent prosecution support, among other patent services.

Our team includes patent experts with diverse technology background. We have carried out customized research that serves the objectives of in-house IP counsels. Further, we follow proprietary lean processes, quality checks and incentive programs, which enable us to deliver high quality reports at substantially lower prices within a short lead time.

Engaging us helps in-house intellectual property counsels take decisions based on rigorous research carried out by us. Further, patent research outsourcing by engaging us, substantially reduces expenses associated with patent research. Furthermore, our team enables intellectual property counsels increase their bandwidth as and when required, instead of maintaining a large team of skilled patent experts, which could be quite expensive.

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