SAGO Serve applies for GI tag for Salem Sago


The Application (Form 1) states that Salem Sago is made from wet starch powder crushed from Tapioca roots and was first produced in India in Salem around 1943-1944. Sago units in Salem District get tapioca tubers of the optimum age, giving them the favourable tapioca – sago ratio, during the months of September to January.

The application also highlighted that sago production has contributed extensively to the development of the economy of Salem from the year 1967.

Currently over 80% of sago in India is produced in the Salem region..

Sago is used in various industries, including food, paper, construction, textile, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, mining, and alcohol, among others.

If GI tag is granted for this product, it will boost business for the farmers in this region and the over-400 sago and starch units in Tamil Nadu districts that been in this business for several decades in the Salem region.

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