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Patent Specification drafting support

Our team includes professionals having master degrees in various technical fields, and having through understanding of patent law and process. Prior to beginning their career in patents, many of our employees have worked in the field of research and development. Their experience in research and development enables our employees to understand inventions. Such through understanding of technology has enabled our employees to draft patent specifications, which are hard to work around.

In addition to thorough understanding of technology, the drafting team at InvnTree has thorough understanding of patent law, prosecution and litigation. This has enabled our employees to draft patent specifications, which result in patents which are foolproof, useful and enforceable.

At InvnTree, we undertake drafting of provisional and non-provisional utility patent applications. The provisional patent specifications drafted at InvnTree are drafted with the same vigor as drafting a non-provisional patent specification.

The patent specifications drafted at InvnTree, undergo two rounds of peer and expert reviews before being sent to the client. Our technical and patent knowledge combined with our quality assurance processes result in high quality patent specifications.

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