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Patent Litigation support

InvnTree offers patent litigation support services. Our services are availed by both defendants and plaintiffs.

Defendants use our patent invalidation services to find relevant prior art to invalidate the claims of the patents of interest. In addition to patent invalidation services, defendants use our claim chart mapping services as well to differentiate their products from the claims of the patents of interest.

InvnTree subscribes to various paid databases which enable us to find the most relevant prior art. Further, the employees at InvnTree are well versed in various techniques of searching. Some of the techniques used are:

  • Patent classification search
  • Keyword search
  • Patent citation search
  • Assignee based search
  • Inventor based search

While carrying out patent invalidation studies, care is taken to not include references already cited by the examiner. Additionally, patents of the same family are also excluded. Further, the technical knowledge of our employees enables them to provide excellent technical analysis for the cited references.

Plaintiffs use our services such as:

  • Patent validation services
  • Claim chart mapping

Plaintiffs avail our patent validation studies to determine the strength of their patent, before commencing patent litigation. Patent litigation involves very high expenses, and hence patent validation is recommended before initiating the process of patent litigation.

Plaintiffs also avail our claim chart mapping services to map the claims of their patent to the infringer’s products.