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Patent illustration services

Patent illustration services offered by InvnTree are availed by a wide array of clients filing utility and design patent applications in USPTO and EPO, among other jurisdictions.

Our illustrators have in-depth knowledge of formal requirements corresponding to illustrations set forth by major patent offices. Further, the illustrators at InvnTree are not only experts in using computer aided tools, but also possess artistic skills, which enable them in creating realistic drawings. Hence, illustrations prepared at InvnTree not only meet the formal requirements of the patent office, but are prepared with such detail and finesse that understanding a patent specification with the help of our patent illustrations is relatively easy.

We prepare mechanical drawings, surgical and medical equipment drawings, system diagrams, flow diagrams, concept illustration and electrical circuits, among others.    

Our clients generally provide rough handmade sketches, photographs or description of the subject matter to be illustrated. Illustrations are prepared by considering the information provided by the client. We might request for a video call in certain cases before we begin the project to understand the requirements of the client in detail.

The pricing for preparing patent illustrations depend on the complexity of the project. The pricing may vary based on the information provided by the client, number of models to be prepared, complexity involved in preparing the models, and number and types of views to be provided. Our clients find our pricing affordable and fair.

Our tariff for preparing patent illustrations can be downloaded below. The sample illustrations provided in this page can be considered to be of medium complexity.


Some of our sample work can be seen below. Feel free to contact us to get a quote. You may also read our articles to understand more about patent illustration.